It was an incredible experience, and Jack and Sue were the perfect hosts!  There’s nothing quite like a Colorado balloon ride, such views!

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The Best of Hot Air Balloon Rides Colorado

Get Carried Away as you dance with the wind in a colorful hot air balloon ride.

We imagine that nothing comes as close to a magic carpet ride as a Colorado Hot Air Balloon Ride.  Grand Adventure provides a breathtaking flight over the beautiful Colorado Rockies.  Every morning at sunrise the skies are brightened by a hot air balloon taking off from the Winter Park/Fraser Valley Area.

It’s like no other sensation on earth – Early morning in the beautiful Rocky Mountains – Your anticipation exceeds all you had imagined as you lift off, effortlessly.

Passengers’ excitement begins to build as they gather to watch the balloon being inflated.  Then they climb into the basket as the pilot heats the air inside the balloon until it becomes “lighter than air”.  The balloon gracefully ascends, affording magnificent views of the mountains.

In addition to the awesome beauty of the valley illuminated by the clear morning light, the sensation which impresses most first-time aeronauts is the absence of any perception of motion. There is a sense of suspended animation, of being one with the forces of nature.  You MUST come ride with us!

Hot Air Balloon Rides Colorado

Low level contour flying allows spotting wildlife, picking pinecones from treetops, and a splash ’n dash in a nearby pond or river.  At higher altitudes spectacular peaks in the Colorado Rockies can be seen.

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Reservations &  Pricing

The Finest Hot Air Balloon Rides Colorado are Scheduled at Sunrise.  Reservations are STRONGLY recommended.  We’ll set our “Launch Time” during our Reservation Phone Call.  Be sure to ask about our Wedding Packages.

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FAQ’s & Info

Find out all you want to know before your Winter Park Balloon Ride by looking here.   All the What, Why, Where and How information you need!  Take a moment to check these Frequently Asked Questions, then call for a reservation.

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